To anyone who may happen upon this:

In about six months, I will be going on a five week long tour, playing as ‘Toru’. The initial plan for this journey outlines a modest five or six states/cities within that period. I hope this will allow me to more intimately and leisurely join myself together with some of the most interesting locations and locale; an adventure as much about learning and making new friends, as it is presenting my own self to the unknown through the performance of music.

If all goes well during the first five weeks, my true hope with this expedition is that it will be never-ending, and that by the end of the first planned portion, I will continue moving state to state: excavating as much of each’s own singular culture, extemporaneously setting up fervent performances with the most individual local musicians, and very importantly, to lay about, slowly the absorbing the scenes and new experiences I hope to have.

Assuming all acts as I will it to, I may be traveling the US for a very long time, possibly some of Canada as well. So if anyone happens to read this and would like to spend some time introducing their city to me, please message me. I’m not wanting to only go to major cities, but am very interested in the smaller, hidden away, rural areas that are still holding some of America’s especial magic.

performance at some shitty south philly open mic.

Hey anybody know of any good open mics in Philly Monday night?


Simon Prades. BCN Type.

I wanted to combine 3 things I really love in this project: architectual drawing, typography and the city of Barcelona (which is the hometown of my ancestors).

The grid of the quarter around Sagrada familia consist of square blocks, which are very similar in height and size and represent the Architecture of the city very good in my opinion. I like the idea, that each block is filled with hundreds of very different lifes and opinions, but looks so calm and similar from above.”

Holy shit this is awesome

Water was an album that I wrote when I was 19/20. It was a transitional time musically and emotionally. Getting kicked out of my parent’s house, being homeless for a period of time, breaking up with girls, falling in love with other girls, totaling a car while just barely avoiding death, and finally getting dumped myself.

Being stubborn, and having an affinity for the Microphones at the time, I wouldn’t allow myself to record these songs on anything but reel-to-reel tape. I eventually found a partially broken one on craigslist that I could barely afford and began to record.

My significant other was in Water, the name her and I were playing live as at the time, and was to sing on 6 out of the 9 songs. As you will hear, the first song Map is the only one with her accompaniment. She ended things with me midway through the recording, leaving me with a major depression and a half finished album. I then swore to myself, a stubborn hope, that I would never record another voice on them. I finished up what I could at various places with what little energy I had to make myself sing and play guitar and tucked it away for about 3 years.

This is basically what is left, an almost finished album that, for me, will always have a ghostly absence. I considered finishing some tracks (shadow is missing the main vocals for instance), but I felt that it would be in-genuine and also my voice had actually developed to a point where it would sound too out of place to me. 

The first song, with the voice, and with the birds chirping in the Spring air, is the only piece surrounded by an antiquated light located in the center of a forest. As the following song so clearly puts forward, the night begins, as well as the journey through the encompassed forest.


For those familiar, this album is the precursor to the Pan album, a prequel in ways. 

what would otherwise have been a great recording, ruined by people too concerned with levels of sounds (they don’t understand) versus the performance. please, if you see any live music just shut the fuck up and listen, even zone out, actually i hope you do, but just don’t talk. it only ruins things for the performer and the other people trying to listen


/ untangle & kaeghoro – synergy 01 /

drawing collaboration-experiment – japan to germany

more detail pics – here

read about the process on installation mag | emerge issue 35here

untangle on tumblr – here

Live at the Dreamcastle in South Philly.
Photo taken by Lillyan Ling

Live at the Dreamcastle in South Philly.

Photo taken by Lillyan Ling

Almost 7 hours of new recordings to draw from for upcoming shows. I’m so excited to start sharing this stuff.

Hey, if anybody could help out on here, I’m trying to book some more shows. I’ll play basically anywhere on the east coast. Right now I can play acoustic, but I’m also working on an electronic set. 

Check out my pal Father Earth’s new track